Haibun: Chance encounter on the Kalalau Trail

Peacetime Studio
1 min readMay 7, 2022

Twelve miles of the steep switchback, jungle-cliff trail. A peek-a-boo vista down to the quiet cove and white sand beach below. The water bottle is empty among the camping gear in the backpack. I smile, ‘how fortunate, the beach is empty. Total seclusion.’ Upon arrival, I dump my pack and cannot resist the urge to strip off my clothes and run and plunge into the surging water of the clear azure blue ocean. I swim out beyond the break and notice a loaded kayak with a shirtless man paddling for a wave to ride to the beach. Treading water, I continue to watch. He dry-docks the kayak, turning to wave upon spotting me. When I swim in to meet him we slowly approach each other on the wet shoreline. Without a hint of strange, he gently takes my hand smiling with his eyes, and leads us back to the water.

Hand in hand

free of clothes

that tell of a way…

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