Todays Right to Bare Arms

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3 min readMay 5, 2022

(Poetry Slam style) The Second Amendment of the Constitution terms, The Right to Bear Arms as necessary for offering protection in the home.

I recently saw a video of a man on YouTube who was hiking on a trail while holding off an advancing grizzly bear by filming the incident with his cell phone in one hand and the other, holding a big rock! Now, if that bear were instead an advancing saggy-pant gangster from Chicagos’ inner city, that person might instead dial 911 with the same cell phone. That are two different forms of self-defense with the same device. Police, in dangerous situations, will first call for backup before they engage. As you may know, when used properly, modern day cell-phones empower people with their rights! Alternatively, you can also carry another non-lethal form of protection such as; a police-style taser. Or a can of pepper spray, sufficient enough to stave off an advancing grizzly bear in nature.

On a flight to Honduras, a stewardess carrying a full tray of steaming hot coffees tripped on a foot in the aisle and dumped the entire tray of coffees over the top of my cranium! The stewardess of the airline offered me 15,000 bonus miles as consolation. I said, “Hell no, I want a free flight.” They said, “file a complaint with ‘corporate’ then”. After a slightly better offer from ‘corporate’ they routed me to their ‘insurance company.’ I suggested to them that they speak with my ‘attorney’, and they promptly conceded by commissioning me a check for the cost of the entire flight. I remain a happy customer of the airline.

The issue of gun control is really about responsibility and accountability. A formidable amendment to the Second Amendment must enable the ‘contemporary system’ to work for the US as individual, high-level, globally-connected citizens. By exercising all appropriate and rational forms of non-lethal protection available to you to Justly suit the situation. Be it pepper spray, using your cell phone, running away, or knowing your rights in any given situation. It is my stance that in the use of statistics and data for the analysis of preparing for and mitigating any given situation the appropriate response can be made and the overall need for ‘guns’ is lessened. It is only logical that Constitutional law should reflect this reality as such. Statistics from studies can prove what is the most effective protection in any given situation. So remember if you encounter an advancing ‘grizzly bear out on the trail’, pull out a can of pepper spray, NOT YOUR CELL-PHONE!.

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