The Truth Regarding Abortion and Capital Punishment

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2 min readApr 25, 2022


A digital photography art piece I created (not specific for this poem).

Why does it seem as if there is a breach in time, after an abortion…as if in -a level of humanity has just dropped, -as if in water through the hole in a bucket has just dropped, less brought home for drinking-cooking-cleaning and yet, water on the ground behind on the trail is left??…

when walking, is there a choice to stop mid-step -mid-step??…

when a WOMAN [human] considers Pro-life in Pro-choice from a place of honesty and accountability, she can carefully choose what is true -as can Man [heart]. ***then perhaps Humans might uphold Justice in law by presenting the Truth case by case.

when walking, ‘the way of Nurture’ may be in the deep and dark of Truth, as a wholehearted truth iS a lighT, even in Light.


A Soul born of body and being and heart and mind -tethering life to form, in the world but born bereft of family’s warmth, forlorn of community’s hearth; then in disillusionment proceeds to besiege their own heart for ‘Adark-ATTACk’_!! And now the embodied soul must somehow mend the broke, mend the break?? An oPPORTUNITY for Repentance..-work to repay the losses, work to repay the crime…Using money as Reparations -from perpetrator to adulterated. Reparations so-so Forgive AND forgeT, is time gone by and time well spent. And a revolution in the circle of life, courageously finding truth in death -the full honest weight of inevitable death, without dread -returning Starry Sky to Night…

The time for us [Collective] to leave the cave of shadows, the time for U.S. [Country] to leave our neutral fate, is here. Upon our One bright (indomitable) spirit and mending dear heart, dear dear heart, is our fate, healing and shining in solidarity of truth, straight and deeper in choice of WHAT we are (not wHo we are).

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